About us

On a cold winter night in 2020, in the midst of lockdown-the-third, BSC Theatricals emerged from its egg. It emerged with laughter, magic, songs and dance - oh and just a touch of eco-friendly glitter!


So, let's set up a theatre company in the middle of a pandemic! Yay! Good idea. We simply can't wait to get started, and share with you all the things Dame Sarah is baking up. Our mission (should we choose to accept it), is to provide professional quality performances with amateur and semi-pro performers, creatives and designers.

We want to encourage everyone to get involved, whether you join our audiences, on-stage cast or backstage crew, we can't wait to see you! Very soon we will start holding friendly and comfortable open auditions to take part in future performances. As cast, we won't ever ask you to pay a membership fee, just a small contribution per show.

So, one ticket (or hopefully several) won't just buy you a few hours of sparkly and stunning entertainment, but it also helps us to build further in the future.

See you at the shows!

Ben Bradley